C All about Kashmir’s Great Lakes Trekking
The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is one of India’s most beautiful treks. There was no research. It confirms Kashmir’s mythical status as a heaven on Earth.

It is located 75 kilometres northeast of Srinagar. So the entire day is a 360-degree view of wild, rugged mountains, rolling meadows, and turquoise alpine lakes.
And you gain on the summit of six of these lakes and five very every substitute valley to evaluate!
The variety of terrain makes it a self-deprecatingly arduous six-day trek. It has long trekking days because there are no easy exit points due to steep ascents and descents.
The difficulties are worthwhile. Every day is postcard-perfect, with a secondary alpine lake visible in the distance. The snow patches that feed these lakes make them even more beautiful. They’re slipping off the serrated mountains and into the lakes. Occasionally, milky white icebergs will drift by, harshly speaking for the lake’s inky blue surface.
The Kashmir meadows are another option. These meadows come in all shapes and sizes and can arrive in large numbers daily.
Every calculation trek after that feels like a movie on a small screen. On the other hand, the tour’s grandeur is an 3D experience, as is Kashmir Great Lakes. If you haven’t already, put this trek on your bucket list!

This Kashmir Great Lakes trek is the best and most well-known. The route takes you past two of Kashmir’s most stunning alpine lakes. (Naranag – Gangabal Lake, Nundkol via Budhsheri).
The Gangabal Trek includes the Nundkol Lake and Gangabal Lake treks.
The lakes are a few of Kashmir’s oligotrophic Alpine lakes and a few of the best quick Alpine lakes treks. This trek’s difficulty level is low. Even 20% of the tour is nothing more than a stroll. Nundkol and Gangabal lakes are also the most visited Alpine Lakes in Kashmir; because the hiking path begins in the well-known traveller village Naranag.
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